Pheromone agent strategies


Project background: Academic
Type: Trainstation
Context: Almere, the Netherlands

Studio name: Hyperbody MSc3 graduation studio- Formations & Embodiments.
Studio director: Dr. Nimish Biloria, Dr. Henriette Bier
Designer: Matthijs la Roi

Pheromone networks is project based on bottom-up design
methodology to design a new train station and urban network for the center
of the Dutch city of Almere. In the design process of the pheromone network
project two types of diagrams where used: input and output diagrams. The
input diagrams are interactive and generative in the sense that they can be
the input for multiple operations. The output diagrams in the case of the
pheromone project always visualize outcomes of algorithms: pheromone
agent simulations, Dijkstra algorithm, Iso-vist, density calculations and
structural performance simulations etc…

The role of the diagram in the particular case of the pheromone project is not
reductable to a chronological step in a complete process. They are both virtual
and actual. Virtual as they represent dynamic virtual links between input and
output. Actual as they can be superimposed to be visualized as a
two-dimensional static map. The map is an attempt to represent a literal
translation of Deleuzes definition a diagram as an abstract machine.
According to Eisenman : The diagram in the case of Deleuze are both form
and matter, the visible and the articulable. The Diagrams for Deleuze does
not attempt to bridge the gap between these pairs, but rather attempt to widen
it, to open the gap to other unformed matters and functions which will become
formed. (Eiseman 2001:30)

The used output diagrams are not only representational, they are generative
in the sense that they are more then the combination of coloured pixels. They
are generated with actual data and processed with various simulation software
and algorithms. With this actual data the output diagram can become an input
diagram giving it also generative potential and by doings so creating a
feedback-loop optimizing process.