May 27, 2017 admin

Collaborative lecture: Bart//Bratke with Matthijs la Roi

Matthijs la Roi and Marvin Bratke together with Paul Clemens Bart from Bart//Bratke held a collaborative lecture called: Make a Hybrid at the Shapes of logic conference in Wroclaw Poland. The lecture
May 26, 2017 admin

Behavioural Networks Workshop results

The four day workshop: Behavioural Networks that Matthijs la Roi organised together with Bart//Bratke has ended. Three teams have produced three urban interventions at Plac Grunwaldzki in Wroclaw, Pol
May 22, 2017 admin

Behavioural Networks Workshop kicks off

First day of the 4 day workshop: Behavioural Networks at the shapes of logic conference in Wroclaw Poland. In the first day of the workshop the students got introduced with the brief for the intervent
April 8, 2017 admin

Museum of Hospitality published in MARK magazine

Matthijs la Roi’s design of the ‘Museum of Hospitality’, is featured in this month edition of MARK Magazine.
March 28, 2017 admin

Workshop at the Shapes of Logic conference

Together with BART//BRATKE, Matthijs la Roi will be teaching a collaborative workshop at the Shapes of Logic 2017 – International Conference & Workshops in Wroclaw: WORK
January 17, 2017 admin

Matthijs la Roi on instagram

Follow Matthijs la Roi on instagram, username: @matthijslaroi!
January 2, 2017 admin

Article about the ‘Museum of Hospitality’ on Archdaily

Archdaily published recently an article about the ‘Museum of Hospitality’. Read the full article here
December 3, 2016 admin

Matthijs la Roi wins the Belgian Monument competition!

Matthijs la Roi wins the first prize out of 133 submissions for the Belgian monument competition. The competion was organised by FASadE to give a new meaning to the world war one monument in Amersfoor